Lake investigations project English


In the years 1993-2005 I carried out the monitoring for the lake on behalf of the bathing administration of the bathing lake Buchtzig near Ettlingen-Oberweier. The data from this enables a correlation to be calculated between the TDP/TP ratio and the stocking with roach, as well as the correlation of the total phosphorus (TP) with the biomass of the cladocerae. Two parallel gradients in the regression TP against cladoceran biomass correspond to the model that Scheffer calculated for zooplankton (Scheffer 2004). With these results, the basics of ecology, the different states in an ecosystem and the change between them are addressed. In a continuation of the project, the quality of working equipment would have to be checked for the purpose of filtering water samples in the laboratory and for zooplankton sampling on the lake. Long-term studies on lakes with and without bathing and with and without fishing are appropriate to determine the threshold values ​​between different ecological states.